“With the help of the Research Alliance’s disciplined business development system, our firm experienced great growth while maintaining the high-quality of our research product.”

—Kevin Mason, Managing Director, ERA Forest Products Research


Since 2006, the Research Alliance has been helping IRPs grow their revenues and sustain their client base. The Research Alliance provides its member research firms with an array of benefits that remove non-core tasks to enable IRPs to focus on research and analysis.

For qualified members, the Research Alliance assumes all business development costs on behalf of the IRPs.

The Research Alliance uses a comprehensive business development strategy to increase revenues, a marketing strategy to raise a firm’s profile within the investment community, a client retention plan, and a scalable business operations platform to remove the headaches associated with rapid growth.

For its members, the Research Alliance has the following goals:

1. Increase top and bottom line revenue growth via acquisition of buy-side clients.

2. Increase renewal and retention rates to ensure growth sustainability.

3. Remove the stress associated with business growth and reduce the time required for non-core business operations.

4. Allow research firms to spend more time on their area of greatest expertise, interest, and passion: their research product.

5. Build the foundation required for a succession plan, facilitating either the sale of the business to an outside party, or the transition of the business to its internal team.

6. Eliminate the costs and risks associated with business development and operational growth. Let the Research Alliance make the investment on your behalf.

“Joining the Alliance helped us minimize time spent on non-core activities and focus more on our research product – all while our revenues increased.”

– Dr. Amit Roy, Founder and Managing Director, Foveal LLP


Members in the Research Alliance receive the following benefits:


  • An institutional sales force driving members’ client acquisitions.
  • A process-driven, codified and proven business development and sales strategy.
  • An existing sales channel of over 1,000 institutional firms.
  • A comprehensive global database of over 40,000 buy-side firms including individual investor profiles.


  • Increased visibility and a heightened profile within the investment community.
  • A tailored marketing strategy that includes innovative e-mail marketing, social media campaigns (LinkedIn, Facebook) and increased awareness in the financial press.
  • Creation and management of members’ research blogs designed to attract qualified leads without giving away proprietary research content.
  • Development of a corporate image that reflects the high quality of members’ research products by leveraging the Research Alliance’s in-house branding and design specialists.


  • Increased renewal and retention rates achieved using a systematic approach to post-sale client servicing.
  • A proven relationship management system that ensures buy-side clients remain a) focused on the members’ research and b) invested in the members’ sector of coverage.


  • Increased time available for research and product development by reducing and removing non-core business operation duties including prospecting, sales, renewals and up-selling, schedule management, trip planning, invoicing, and A/R.
  • Pre-qualification of leads using a methodological, proven process. Saves time by ensuring members are introduced to prospects that are likely to buy and from firms that are known purchasers of outside research, avoiding meetings where conversion rates are likely to be low.

1. Sector specific or geographic specific research.

2. A proven specialization with 10+ years’ experience.

3. An existing institutional buy-side client base (minimum 10 clients).

4. A business model that is exclusively the sale of research to the institutional buy-side with no compensation received from the companies under coverage.

5. No investment banking, no underwriting, no money management, or trading desk.

6. A thorough compliance process.

1. Application form

2. Interview with Research Alliance membership committee

3. Business model review, including understanding potential conflicts of interests

4. Review of research methodology

5. Publication review

6. Interviews with existing institutional clients for track record certification

7. Compliance review

Leverage proven business development strategies and build a foundation for your firm’s succession.
Leverage the Research Alliance’s established relationships and long-standing reputation within the investment community.
Leverage the knowledge of like-minded business owners by joining a larger association of members with common goals.
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